> I visited the Paris Design Summit space on Monday and confirmed that it
> should be possible to split it in a way that would allow to have
> per-program "contributors meetups" on the Friday. The schedule would go
> as follows:
> Tuesday: cross-project workshops
> Wednesday, Thursday: traditional "scheduled" slots
> Friday: contributors meetups
> We'll also have "pods" available all 4 days for more ad-hoc small meetings.

Excellent :)

> In the mean time, we need to discuss how we want to handle the selection
> of session topics.
> In past summits we used a Design-Summit-specific "session suggestion"
> website, and PTLs would approve/deny them. This setup grew less and less
> useful: session topics were selected collaboratively on etherpads,
> discussed in meetings, and finally filed/reorganized/merged on the
> website just before scheduling. Furthermore, with even less "scheduled"
> slots, we would have to reject most of the suggestions, which is more
> frustrating for submitters than the positive experience of joining team
> meetings to discuss which topics are the most important. Finally, topics
> will need to be split between "scheduled" sessions and the "contributors
> meetup" agenda, and that's easier to do on an Etherpad anyway.
> This is why I'd like to suggest that all programs use etherpads to
> collect important topics, select which ones would get in the very few
> "scheduled" slots we'll have left, which will get discussed in the
> "contributors meetup", and which are better left for a "pod" discussion.
> I suggest we all use IRC team meetings to collaboratively discuss that
> content between interested contributors.
> To simplify the communication around this, I tried to collect the
> already-announced etherpads on a single page at:
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Summit/Planning
> Please add any that I missed !
> If you think this is wrong and think the "design summit suggestion"
> website is a better way to do it, let me know why! If some programs
> really can't stand the 'etherpad/IRC' approach I'll see how we can spin
> up a limited instance.

+1 on a collaborative scheduling process within each project.

That's pretty much what we did within the ceilometer core group for
the Juno summit, except that we used a googledocs spreadsheet instead
of an etherpad.

So I don't think we need to necessarily mandate usage of an etherpad,
just let every project decide whatever shared document format they
want to use.

FTR the benefit of a googledocs spreadsheet in my view would include
the ease of totalling votes & sessions slots, color-coding candidate
sessions for merging etc.


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