On Tue, 16 Sep 2014 12:04:53 AM Rochelle.RochelleGrober wrote:
> +1000
> This is *great*.  Not only for newbies, but refreshers, learning different
> approaches, putting faces to the signatures, etc.  And Mock best practices
> is a brilliant starting place for developers.
> I'd like to vote for a few others:
> - Development environment (different ones: PyCharms, Eclipse, IDE for Docs,
> etc) - Tracking down a bug: log searching, back tracing, etc.
> - Fixing a bug:  From assigning in Launchpad through clone, fix, git review,
> etc. - Writing an integrated test: setup, data recording/collection/clean
> tear down.

Really looking forward to this series, thanks to everyone who has a hand in 
putting them together.

In addition to the cross-project meta-topics mentioned above, I'd also love to 
see a technical overview for each of the major projects of OpenStack (in 
separate talks).  They would need to be refreshed periodically as architecture 
evolves, but that's ok.

Existing docs and presentations spend time talking about user-visible 
features, but very few talk about the implementation and internals.
It took me an embarrassingly long time and a read of devstack to even work out 
which code ran on the hosts vs on controller nodes (for example) ;)

 - Gus

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