This is awesome, thanks for this guys!


2014-09-16 7:09 GMT+02:00 Angelo Matarazzo <>:

> You are great!!!
> As newbie I tell you: thank you a lot
> Angelo
> Il giorno 16/set/2014 00:58, "Sean Dague" <> ha scritto:
> A few of us have decided to pull together a regular (cadence to be
>> determined) video series taking on deep dives inside of OpenStack,
>> looking at code, explaining why things work that way, and fielding
>> questions from anyone interested.
>> For lack of a better title, I've declared it OpenStack Bootstrapping Hour.
>> Episode 0 - Mock best practices will kick off this Friday, Sept 19th,
>> from 3pm - 4pm EST. Our experts for this will be Jay Pipes and Dan
>> Smith. It will be done as a Google Hangout on Air, which means there
>> will be a live youtube stream while it's on, and a recorded youtube
>> video that's publicly accessible once we're done.
>> We'll be using an etherpad during the broadcast to provide links to the
>> content people are looking at, as well as capture questions. That will
>> be our backchannel, and audience participation forum, with the advantage
>> that it creates a nice concise document at the end of the broadcast that
>> pairs well with the video. (Also: the tech test showed that while code
>> examples are perfectly viewable during in the final video, during the
>> live stream they are a little hard to read, etherpad links will help
>> people follow along at home).
>> Assuming this turns out to be useful, we're thinking about lots of other
>> deep dives. The intent is that these are indepth dives. We as a
>> community have learned so many things over the last 4 years, but as
>> OpenStack has gotten so large, being familiar with more than a narrow
>> slice is hard. This is hopefully a part of the solution to address that.
>> As I've told others, if nothing else, I'm looking forward to learning a
>> ton in the process.
>> Final links for the hangout + etherpad will be posted a little later in
>> the week. Mostly wanted to make people aware it was coming.
>>         -Sean
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