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> +1000
> This is *great*.  Not only for newbies, but refreshers, learning different 
> approaches, putting faces to the signatures, etc.  And Mock best practices is 
> a brilliant starting place for developers.


> I'd like to vote for a few others:
> - Development environment (different ones: PyCharms, Eclipse, IDE for Docs, 
> etc)
> - Tracking down a bug: log searching, back tracing, etc.
> - Fixing a bug:  From assigning in Launchpad through clone, fix, git review, 
> etc.
> - Writing an integrated test: setup, data recording/collection/clean tear 
> down.

 - Third-party CI testing and consuming Infrastructure services

> Sorry to have such a big wish list, but for people who learn experientially, 
> this will be immensely useful.
> --Rocky
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> Assuming this turns out to be useful, we're thinking about lots of other
> deep dives. The intent is that these are indepth dives. We as a
> community have learned so many things over the last 4 years, but as
> OpenStack has gotten so large, being familiar with more than a narrow
> slice is hard. This is hopefully a part of the solution to address that.
> As I've told others, if nothing else, I'm looking forward to learning a
> ton in the process.
> Final links for the hangout + etherpad will be posted a little later in
> the week. Mostly wanted to make people aware it was coming.
>         -Sean
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