Hi crew, as promised I’ve continued to work through the performance test
plan. I’ve started a wiki page for the next batch of tests and results:


I am currently running the same tests again with 2x web heads, and will
update the wiki page with them when they finish (it takes a couple hours
to run each batch of tests). Then, I plan to add an additional Redis proc
and run everything again. After that, there are a few other things that we
could do, depending on what everyone wants to see next.

* Run all these tests for producer-consumer (task distribution) workloads
* Tune Redis, uWSGI and see if we can't improves latency, stdev, etc.
* Do a few runs with varying message sizes
* Continue increasing load and adding additional web heads
* Continue increasing load and adding additional redis procs
* Vary number of queues
* Vary number of project-ids
* Vary message batch sizes on post/get/claim

P.S. As mentioned in yesterday’s team meeting, we are starting to work
on integration with Rally as our long-term performance testing solution. I
encourage everyone to get involved and contribute to that project; your
contributions benefit not only Zaqar, but other OS projects as well who
are starting to use Rally to keep an eye on their own services’
performance. Kudos to Boris et al. for all their hard work there.


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