Results are now posted for all workloads for 2x web heads and 1x Redis
proc (Configuration 2). Stats are also available for the write-heavy
workload with 2x webheads and 2x redis procs (Configuration 3). The latter
results look promising, and I suspect the setup could easily handle a
significantly higher load. Multiple load generator boxes would need to be
used (noted on the etherpad).

On 9/16/14, 10:23 AM, "Kurt Griffiths" <>

>Hi crew, as promised I’ve continued to work through the performance test
>plan. I’ve started a wiki page for the next batch of tests and results:
>I am currently running the same tests again with 2x web heads, and will
>update the wiki page with them when they finish (it takes a couple hours
>to run each batch of tests). Then, I plan to add an additional Redis proc
>and run everything again.

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