"Sullivan, Jon Paul" <jonpaul.sulli...@hp.com> writes:

> I think this highlights exactly why this should be an automated
> process.  No errors in application, and no errors in interpretation of
> what has happened.
> So the -1 from Jenkins was a reaction to the comment created by adding
> the workflow -1.  This is going to happen on all of the patches that
> have their workflow value altered (tests will run, result would be
> whatever the result of the test was, of course).

Jenkins only runs tests in reaction to comments if they say "recheck".

> But I also agree that the Jenkins vote should not be included in the
> determination of marking a patch WIP, but a human review should (So
> Code-Review and not Verified column).
> And in fact, for the specific example to hand, the last Jenkins vote
> was actually a +1, so as I understand it should not have been marked
> WIP.

I'd like to help you see the reviews you want to see without
externalizing your individual workflow onto contributors.  What tool do
you use to find reviews?

If it's gerrit's webui, have you tried using the Review Inbox dashboard?
Here it is for the tripleo-image-elements project:


If you would prefer something else, we can customize those dashboards to
do whatever you want, including ignoring changes that have not been
updated in 2 weeks.


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