On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 09:53:36AM +1000, Michael Still wrote:
> Hi.
> I know we've been talking about deprecating nova.virt.disk.vfs.localfs
> for a long time, in favour of wanting people to use libguestfs
> instead. However, I can't immediately find any written documentation
> for when we said we'd do that thing.
> Additionally, this came to my attention because Ubuntu 14.04 is
> apparently shipping a libguestfs old enough to cause us to emit the
> "falling back to localfs" warning, so I think we need Ubuntu to catch
> up before we can do this thing.
> So -- how about we remove localfs early in Kilo to give Canonical a
> release to update libguestfs?

A few randomly related points:

- libguestfs 1.26 in Debian (and eventually in Ubuntu) finally
  gets rid of 'update-guestfs-appliance'. 

- Unfortunately Ubuntu still has the kernel permissions bug:


  Fedora/RHEL has none of these issues.

- There are a couple of easy to fix bugs that would greatly improve
  libguestfs usability in OpenStack:

  (1) Don't throw away debugging information:

  (2) [Don't think there's a bug# for this] The
  libvirt_inject_partition parameter doesn't adequately model what
  libguestfs can do for guests.  Plus it's a global setting and ought
  to be a glance setting (or per disk/per template anyway).
  libguestfs has a rich API for inspecting guests, and that cannot be
  modelled in a single integer.


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