Michael Still wrote:

> Hi.
> I know we've been talking about deprecating nova.virt.disk.vfs.localfs
> for a long time, in favour of wanting people to use libguestfs
> instead. However, I can't immediately find any written documentation
> for when we said we'd do that thing.
> Additionally, this came to my attention because Ubuntu 14.04 is
> apparently shipping a libguestfs old enough to cause us to emit the
> "falling back to localfs" warning, so I think we need Ubuntu to catch
> up before we can do this thing.
> So -- how about we remove localfs early in Kilo to give Canonical a
> release to update libguestfs?
> Thoughts appreciated,
> Michael

If at some point we'd start moving into getting FreeBSD supported as a
host OS for OpenStack, then it would make sense to keep localfs for that

libguestfs doesn't work on FreeBSD yet. On the other hand, localfs
code in Nova doesn't look like it'd be hard to port.

Roman Bogorodskiy

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