Devananda van der Veen wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 8:40 AM, Doug Hellmann <> wrote:
>> One is a technical discussion that has nothing at all to do with governance. 
>> The other is entirely about governance.
>> If we are no longer incubating *programs*, which are the teams of people who 
>> we would like to ensure are involved in OpenStack governance, then how do we 
>> make that decision? From a practical standpoint, how do we make a list of 
>> eligible voters for a TC election? Today we pull a list of committers from 
>> the git history from the projects associated with “official programs", but 
>> if we are dropping “official programs” we need some other way to build the 
>> list.
> I don't think incubation ever applied to programs. Any program listed
> in 
> is "official" and gets voting rights starting in the election after it
> was added to that file.

I confirm there never was incubation for programs. The only thing that
goes through incubation are projects that want to become part of the
integrated release.

> I also don't think that Monty's proposal suggests that we drop
> programs. I think it's suggesting the opposite -- we allow *more*
> programs (and the projects associated with them) into the openstack/*
> fold without requiring them to join the integrated gating of the
> "layer #1" projects.

Although the proposal might make them so cheap we wouldn't need a formal
word for them.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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