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> Hi James, thanks for the corrections/explanations. A comment inline (and a
> further question) :)

> Oh, good to know. Sorry, my information about Triple-O's undercloud setup is
> clearly outdated. I thought that the undercloud was build from source
> repositories devstack-style. Thanks for hitting me with a cluestick. :)

Thats one installation strategy :).

>> Even when not installing via a distribution, and either directly from
>> trunk or the integrated release tarballs, I don't know that any
>> TripleO opinion enters into it. TripleO uses the integrated projects
>> of OpenStack to deploy an overcloud. In an overcloud, you may see
>> support for some incubated projects, depending on if there's interest
>> from the community for that support.
> OK, interesting. So, in summary, Triple-O really doesn't offer much of a
> "this is production-ready" stamp to anything based on whether it deploys a
> project or not. So, operators who deploy with Triple-O would be in the
> "you're on your own" camp from the bulleted list above. Would that be a fair
> statement?

TripleO upstream doesn't offer a production-ready stamp for the
workload clouds; for deploy clouds we do - simply because you can't
use non-production-ready services to do your deploy... some of our
stamps have substantial caveats today (e.g. Heat) - but they are being
worked on.

But then Nova upstream doesn't offer production-ready stamps either.
Are cells production ready? Instance groups? Or generally any new

*distributions* of TripleO offer production ready stamps.

RDO offers one
HP Helion offers one.

In exactly the same way that distributions offer production stamps
about Nova, distributions that use TripleO offer production stamps
about Nova :).

And I think this is James's point. Your category 2 above saying that
TripleO is different is just confused: TripleO is a deployment
architecture [evolving into a set of such], *not* a distribution
channel. 1 and 3 are distribution channels.


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