Ok, so perhaps I need to be a bit more verbose here.

TripleO already had a plan to use docker for some services via Nova,
but that ran into some issues; specifically running two computes
(ironic and docker) on a single machine plays havoc with the
assumption in Neutron that the compute hostname shall be the same as
the neutron agent queue name in oslo,messaging, and that breaks vif
plugging.. Dan Prince was driving a discussion with nova core about
the best way to address that.

Doing docker for everything, as the base layer is interesting - how
does one deploy the machines and do their base network? Is that still
Ironic and Neutron? There's a bunch of learning that needs to be done
to answer those questions and the best way to learn is to experiment.
There are lots of possible outcomes, and I don't want to pre-judge

Now, with respect to the 'and must use openstack components where one
exists angle' - well the big tent model is quite clearly weakening
what that means [with the presumed exception of Ring 0] - but Ironic
isn't in Ring 0 in any of the design sketches - so its not at all
clear to me whether we as a group want to keep enforcing that, or
perhaps be much more inclusive and say 'pick good components that do
the job'. So again, lets see what happens and how it pans out: the
folk hacking on this are already well established 'stackers, we need
have no fear that they are going to ignore the capabilities present in
the OpenStack ecosystem: much more interesting to me will be to see
what things they /can/ reuse, and what they cannot.

Finally, yes, docker/lxc containers and iscsi don't mix very well
today as netlink isn't namespaced - we spent a bunch of time early on
in TripleO investigating this, before shelving it as a 'later'
problem:- if there is an answer and this team finds it - great! If
not, they'll need some way to deploy the iscsi using components
outside of docker... and that may bring us full circle back to
deploying images via Ironic rather than docker - or it may not! we'll
just have to see :)


On 24 September 2014 13:30, Mike Spreitzer <mspre...@us.ibm.com> wrote:
> I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but you can not install Cinder
> inside a container.  Cinder requires an iSCSI package that fails to install;
> its install script tries to launch the daemon, and that fails.
> Regards,
> Mike
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