Excerpts from Angus Lees's message of 2014-09-24 18:33:22 -0700:
> These last few don't have strong existing options within OpenStack yet (as 
> far 
> as I'm aware).  Having explored a few different approaches recently, 
> kubernetes 
> is certainly not the only option - but is a reasonable contender here.
> So: I certainly don't see kubernetes as competing with anything in OpenStack 
> - 
> but as filling a gap in job management with something that has a fairly 
> lightweight config syntax and is relatively simple to deploy on VMs or 
> baremetal.  I also think the phrase "integrating kubernetes into OpenStack" 
> is 
> overstating the task at hand.

Reading more on the design and intention, I think it very much competes
with Heat. The moment it learns to talk to Nova, it becomes a convergence
engine for OpenStack.

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