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> Seems like there is some overlap with the end user (i.e. consumer) working 
> group at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/End_User_Working_Group
> Sounds like it would be worth discussing with them on how to focus on these 
> needs. The scope of the end user is much larger than just the API but a 
> consistent API is needed for easy consumption
> How about seeing with Chris Kemp where things fit together ? There is a 
> fairly open structure under the user committee if you would like a place to 
> form but it is important to avoid duplication. With the specs process, there 
> is now much more opportunity for users (in all different forms) to give input 
> before code is written.

I understand your concern but I don’t think there’s too much danger of 

I see this API WG effort as being more complementary to the EU WG than 
overlapping it. The API WG is focused on defining/implementing the API whereas 
EU WG is focused on creating application that consume the API. The place where 
they meet (and somewhat overlap) in the middle is the API.

The impetus for the API WG group needs to come from within the OpenStack 
developer community. They need to be in charge of it. They should absolutely 
seek feedback from the EU WG but trying to mix the two together wouldn’t be the 
best path forward, IMHO. 

I think you’ve got it right by suggesting that specs process would be the best 
channel for feedback between these WGs.


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