Hello, folks!

Following Drago Rosson's introduction of Barricade.js and our discussion in
ML about possibility of using it in Merlin [1], I've decided to change the
plans for PoC: now the goal for Merlin's PoC is to implement Mistral
Workbook builder on top of Barricade.js. The reasons for that are:

* To better understand Barricade.js potential as data abstraction layer in
Merlin, I need to learn much more about its possibilities and limitations
than simple examining/reviewing of its source code allows. The best way to
do this is by building upon it.
* It's becoming too crowded in the HOT builder's sandbox - doing the same
work as Drago currently does [2] seems like a waste of resources to me
(especially in case he'll opensource his HOT builder someday just as he did
with Barricade.js).
* Why Mistral and not Murano or Solum? Because Mistral's YAML templates
have simpler structure than Murano's ones do and is better defined at that
moment than the ones in Solum.

There already some commits in https://github.com/stackforge/merlin and
since client-side app doesn't talk to the Mistral's server yet, it is
pretty easy to run it (just follow the instructions in README.md) and then
see it in browser at http://localhost:8080. UI is yet not great, as the
current focus is data abstraction layer exploration, i.e. how to exploit
Barricade.js capabilities to reflect all relations between Mistral's
entities. I hope to finish the minimal set of features in a few weeks - and
will certainly announce it in the ML.


Timur Sufiev
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