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> So I guess I'm saying:
>    Lets decouple 'what is openstack' from 'what we test together on
> every commit'.

It seems that this discussion has actually illustrated shortcomings in our
answers to 3 separate questions, and people have been throwing out ideas
that attempt to solve all 3. Perhaps we need to address each one individually.

The three questions are:

1. Which projects are “part of openstack”?
2. Which projects are released as a single unit?
3. Which projects are tested together

The current answers are:
1. Three levels incubation, integration, core
2. Things that reach the integration level
3. Things that reach the integration level.

Some proposed answers:
1. Lightweight incubation a la apache
2. Monty’s layer1
3. Direct dependencies and close collaborators

Discussing the propased answers(in reverse order):
I think we have rough consensus around 3: that we should move
towards functional testing for direct dependencies and let the
projects decide when they want to co-gate. The functional
co-gating should ideally be based on important use-cases.

2 is a bit murkier. In the interest of staying true to our roots
the best we can probably do is to allow projects to opt-out of
the coordinated release and for thierry to specifically select
which projects he is willing to coordinate. Any other project
could co-release with the integrated release but wouldn’t be
centrally managed by thierry. There is also a decision about
what the TCs role is in these projects.

1 Has some unanswerd questions, like is there another
level “graduation” where the tc has some kind of technical
oversight? What is the criteria for it? etc.

Maybe addressing these things separately will allow us to make progress.


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