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> That said, singling out the test infrastructure (3) and the release
> management (2) is a bit unfair to other horizontal efforts, like
> Documentation, Translations, or general QA, which also suffer from a
> scale issue. The Docs team, in particular, couldn't really scale either
> and already implemented two tiers within the integrated release -- the
> part they directly support, and the part they help / provide tools for.

You are correct I left out some very important cross project teams (Sorry
Anne!). We call the projects that tap these shared resources today
“integrated”. It seems like if we keep going down this path, we need to

a) make “integrated” == layer1

This would be a tricky proposition because of the way it might look in the
community, but it may be necessary if we are already too overloaded to handle
the cross-project concerns at our current scale.

b) clearly dilineate “integrated” vs layer1 in some other way

This would likely involve changing the meaning of integrated to mean a bit
less than it does today: just best effort for projects outside of layer1.

> All the "other" projects would be able to get help and tools from those
> horizontal teams, but would just not be directly taken care of. This is
> how Docs currently work (the two tiers within integrated release), this
> is how Release management currently works (integrated vs. incubated),
> this is how the test infra would like to be able to work... Making sure
> we at least support the layer #1 is just a matter of setting the same
> basic expectations for the same basic set of projects.

It sounds like you are suggesting that b) has already occurred to some
degree so that we should just continue along those lines?


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