Clint Byrum <> wrote on 10/01/2014 09:50:33 PM:

> Recently we've been testing image based updates using TripleO, and we've
> run into an interesting conundrum.
> Currently, our image build scripts create a user per service for the
> image. We don't, at this time, assert a UID, so it could get any UID in
> the /etc/passwd database of the image.
> However, if we add a service that happens to have its users created
> before a previously existing service, the UID's shift by one. When
> this new image is deployed, the username might be 'ceilometer', but
> /mnt/state/var/lib/ceilometer is now owned by 'cinder'.

I do not understand the problem statement. Unfortunately, I am not 
familiar with image based updates using TripleO.  What is updating what? 
If the UIDs are not asserted, what UIDs shift by one?  Is this because 
some files keep owner UID while the some UID=name binding in /etc/passwd 
changes? Or the other way around?  Why would there be a change in either?

If there is no short answer, don't worry about it.

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