On 02/10/14 12:26, Mike Spreitzer wrote:
> I do not understand the problem statement. Unfortunately, I am not
> familiar with image based updates using TripleO.  What is updating what?
>  If the UIDs are not asserted, what UIDs shift by one?  Is this because
> some files keep owner UID while the some UID=name binding in /etc/passwd
> changes? Or the other way around?  Why would there be a change in either?
> If there is no short answer, don't worry about it.

You build one image, which creates a 'ceilometer' user with UID 1001,
and deploy that to your cloud.

You then build a new image to deploy to your cloud, and due to element
ordering (or something else), the 'cinder' user now has UID 1001. When
you switch to this image, /mnt/state/var/lib/ceilometer is now owned by

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