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* services that nothing depends on
* services that don't depend on other services

Latest graph: http://i.imgur.com/y8zmNIM.png

I'm hesitant to open this can but it's just lying there waiting,
wiggling like good bait, so:

How are you defining dependency in that picture?

For example:

Many of those services expect[1] to be able to send notifications (or
be polled by) ceilometer[2]. We've got an ongoing thread about the need
to contractualize notifications. Are those contracts (or the desire
for them) a form of dependency? Should they be?

[1] It's not that it is a strict requirement but lots of people involved
    with the other projects contribute code to ceilometer or make
    changes in their own[3] project specifically to send info to

[2] I'm not trying to defend ceilometer from slings here, just point out
    a good example, since it has _no_ arrows.

[3] "their own", that's hateful, let's have less of that.

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