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data is coming from here:
and the key is here: https://github.com/jogo/graphing-openstack

Cool, thanks.

Many of those services expect[1] to be able to send notifications (or
be polled by) ceilometer[2]. We've got an ongoing thread about the need
to contractualize notifications. Are those contracts (or the desire
for them) a form of dependency? Should they be?

So in the case of notifications, I think that is a Ceilometer CAN-USE Nova
THROUGH notifications

Your statement here is part of the reason I asked. I think it is
possible to argue that the dependency has the opposite order: Nova might
like to use Ceilometer to keep metrics via notifications or perhaps:
Nova CAN-USE Ceilometer FOR telemetry THROUGH notifications and polling.

This is perhaps not the strict technological representation of the
dependency, but it represents the sort of pseudo-social
relationships between projects: Nova desires for Ceilometer (or at
least something doing telemetry) to exist.

Ceilometer itself is^wshould be agnostic about what sort of metrics are
coming its way. It should accept them, potentially transform them, store
them, and make them available for later use (including immediately). It
doesn't^wshouldn't really care if Nova exists or not.

There are probably lots of other relationships of this form between
other services, thus the question: Is a use-of-notifications
something worth tracking? I would say yes.

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