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Good goals. When Producer and Consumer know what to expect, things are
good ... "I know to find the Instance ID <here>". When the consumer
wants to deal with a notification as a generic object, things get tricky
("find the instance ID in the payload", "What is the image type?", "Is
this an error notification?")

Basically, how do we define the principle artifacts for each service and
grant the consumer easy/consistent access to them? (like the 7-W's above)

I'd really like to find a way to solve that problem.

Is that a good summary? What did I leave out or get wrong?

Great start! Let's keep it simple and do-able.

Has there been any further thinking on these topics? Summit is soon
and kilo specs are starting so I imagine more people than just me are
hoping to get rolling on plans.

If there is going to be a discussion at summit I hope people will be
good about keeping some artifacts for those of us watching from afar.

It seems to me that if the notifications ecosystem becomes
sufficiently robust and resilient we ought to be able to achieve
some interesting scale and distributed-ness opporunities throughout
OpenStack, not just in telemetry/metering/eventing (choose your term
of art).

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