>From: Sandy Walsh [sandy.wa...@rackspace.com] Tuesday, October 07, 2014 6:07 PM
>Haven't had any time to get anything written down (pressing deadlines with 
>StackTach.v3) but open to suggestions. Perhaps we should just add something to 
>the olso.messaging etherpad to find time at the summit to talk about it?

Actually, that's not really true.

The Monasca team has been playing with schema definitions for their wire
format (a variation on the kind of notification we ultimately want). And
http://apiary.io/ is introducing support for structure schemas soon. Perhaps
we can start with some schema proposals there? JSON-Schema based?

For green-field installations, CADF is a possibility, but for already
established services we will to document what's in place first.

At some point we'll need a cross-project effort to identify all the important
characteristics of the various services.

Also, we've been finding no end of problems with the wild-west payload

For example, look at all the different places we have to look to find the
instance UUID from Nova. 


Likewise for project_id, flavor_id, deleted_at, etc.

Definitely need a solution to this. 
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