In discussion of this spec proposal:
https://review.openstack.org/#/c/127827/ it was suggested by Joe Gordon
to start a discussion on the mailing list.

So I'll share my thoughts and a long term plan on adding FreeBSD host
support for OpenStack. 

An ultimate goal is to allow using libvirt/bhyve as a compute driver.
However, I think it would be reasonable to start with libvirt/qemu
support first as it will allow to prepare the ground.

High level overview of what needs to be done:

 - Nova
  * linux_net needs to be re-factored to allow to plug in FreeBSD
    support (that's what the spec linked above is about)
  * nova.virt.disk.mount needs to be extended to support FreeBSD's
    mdconfig(8) in a similar way to Linux's losetup
 - Glance and Keystone
    These components are fairly free of system specifics. Most likely
    they will require some small fixes like e.g. I made for Glance
 - Cinder
    I didn't look close at Cinder from a porting perspective, tbh.
    Obviously, it'll need some backend driver that would work on
    FreeBSD, e.g. ZFS. I've seen some patches floating around for ZFS
    though. Also, I think it'll need an implementation of iSCSI stack
    on FreeBSD, because it has its own stack, not stgt. On the other
    hand, Cinder is not required for a minimal installation and that
    could be done after adding support of the other components.

Also, it's worth to mention that a discussion on this topic already
happened on this maillist: 


Some of the limitations were resolved since then, specifically,
libvirt/bhyve has no limitation on count of disk and ethernet devices

Roman Bogorodskiy

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