On 10/27/14 9:35 AM, Monty Taylor wrote:

>> I have no problem with supporting FreeBSD as a hypervisor operating system,
>> especially if there is a solid team on the FreeBSD side that will commit to
>> maintaining the changes required and adding the necessary CI (especially
>> ensuring that when it breaks it gets fixed).
> I believe that the CI related things that would be needed would be:
> - solid devstack support

I do not want to hijack this thread with Solaris specific questions, but
this point is a major sticking point for us too.  To my knowledge,
modifying devstack for anything not RHEL/Ubuntu is out of the question
(they're not interested in supporting other OSes).  We desperately WANT
to push our Solaris driver upstream and we're in the process of getting
our CI infrastructure in place to do so, but devstack has been out of
the question so far.

If devstack itself (not CI, but devstack) is a hard requirement for
integration we need to probably start up a different thread on what the
best way for other OSes like FreeBSD and Solaris to work around this
issue.  What should we be looking at?  A compatible devstack clone that
configures Solaris as a single-host development OpenStack rig?


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