On 10/27/2014 08:51 AM, Drew Fisher wrote:
> If devstack itself (not CI, but devstack) is a hard requirement for
> integration we need to probably start up a different thread on what the
> best way for other OSes like FreeBSD and Solaris to work around this
> issue.  What should we be looking at?  A compatible devstack clone that
> configures Solaris as a single-host development OpenStack rig?

I doubt devstack itself is a hard requirement for CI since
Windows/Hyper-V testing is done without devstack. I think what mordred
meant was that you need to provide a way like devstack for Infra team to
test things.

To put the thread back in topic, I would assume that the *BSD folks and
Oracle/Solaris would have good amount of overlap in this area.

How about you team up to either provide good patches to devstack to
support the non-linux options (if this is suitable) or develop a new
tool similar in scope to devstack for all BSD-family? Maybe that would
be good for OS X, too :)

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