that's a great way to state it Sam.


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> Hi Amit,
> Keeping in mind this viewpoint is nothing but my own personal view, my
> recommendation would be to not mandate the use of a particular validation
> framework, but to instead define what kind of validation clients should
> expect the server to perform in general. For example, I would expect a
> service to return an error code and not perform any action if I called
> "Create server" but did not include a request body, but the actual manner in
> which that error is generated within the service does not matter from the
> client's perspective.
> This is not to say the API Working Group wouldn't help you evaluate the
> potential of Stoplight to meet the needs of a service. To the contrary, by
> clearly defining the expectations of a service's responses to requests,
> you'll have a great idea of exactly what to look for in your evaluation, and
> your final decision would be based on objective results.
> Thank you,
> Sam Harwell

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