On 10/20/14, 10:38 AM, "Jay Pipes" <jaypi...@gmail.com> wrote:

>On 10/20/2014 10:26 AM, Amit Gandhi wrote:
>> Thanks for the clarification Sam.
>> Its good to know where the mission of the API working group starts and
>> stops.  During the meetup discussions, my understanding was that the
>> working group would recommend the technologies to use while building
>> (e.g. Pecan, validation frameworks, etc) and were in the process of
>> looking into tools such as warlock.
>Sorry, did I miss something? What meetup discussions are you referring
>to? I'm not aware of any meetings of the API working group so far...

Sorry, I was referring to the local Atlanta Openstack Meetup that happened
last Thursday (mentioned in my initial email that started this thread).

> > Hence the recommendation to add
>> another library into the mix for evaluation, based on advise by other
>> stackers in the community.
>> Your response clarifies that the aim of the API working group is just to
>> recommend on standardizing the interfaces from various API's (which I am
>> looking forward to) and not the libraries used to implement that
>I don't really think the working group has decided yet what it will be
>producing, with regards to recommendations and what topics it may
>provide guidance on. Heck, AFAIK, we still haven't settled on a day of
>the week and time to hold IRC meetings! ;)

Okay good to know.  That probably explains why I¹m hearing different
things from different people who probably all have different visions of
what the working group is.

>> For stackers who are interested in different validation frameworks to
>> implement validation, I recommend checking out Stoplight.
>Just my two cents on this particular topic, I think it's more important
>to standardize ways in which our public REST APIs expose the payload
>expectations and response schemas to clients. In other words... we need
>to focus on methods for API discovery. Once you have standardized
>resource URI, request payload, and response schema discovery, then any
>number of validation libraries may be used.


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