On Mon, 20 Oct 2014 10:38:58 -0400
Jay Pipes <jaypi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > For stackers who are interested in different validation frameworks
> > to implement validation, I recommend checking out Stoplight.
> Just my two cents on this particular topic, I think it's more
> important to standardize ways in which our public REST APIs expose
> the payload expectations and response schemas to clients. In other
> words... we need to focus on methods for API discovery. Once you have
> standardized resource URI, request payload, and response schema
> discovery, then any number of validation libraries may be used.

I agree standardising our APIs is more important. However there is an
advantage to projects using the same libraries where practical. Its
easier for developers to move from project to project, fewer
dependencies for the project overall and when we do run into problems
with libraries there are more people familiar with library. 

However I don't think we should be mandating specific libraries, but we
can make recommendations (good or bad) based on actual experience. This
will be especially useful to new projects starting up to benefit from
the pain other projects have experienced.



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