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> I fully and wholeheartedly agree that inventory management is out of scope
> of Ironic. But I have a small suggestion:
> We'd do well as a community to adopt/evangelize an informal rule which I
> enforce at work (because I see this happen a lot when brainstorming with
> cross-project goals); we cannot say no (X) without suggesting an
> alternative (Y)... Like a runner throwing his baton at the next guy in the
> race instead of handing it to him. ; )
> Back on topic however, is there an existing program where inventory data
> (consumed by Ironic or any other program that needs to know the
> configuration of hardwareX) could be stored? I.e. hardware catalog?
Nothing within OpenStack yet does this, and I am not aware of any
stackforge projects providing an inventory database / hardware catalog /

That said, I have been encouraging people to look at integration between
existing (enterprise or opensource) inventory management systems and
Ironic. My discussions with enterprise CMDB vendors have so far been
positive around the current logical boundary (Ironic is a provisioning
tool, not a full CMDB).

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