On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 6:29 PM, Stuart Fox <stu...@demonware.net> wrote:
> Having written/worked on a few DC automation tools, Ive typically broken
> down the process of getting unknown hardware into production in to 4
> distinct stages.
> 1) Discovery (The discovery of unknown hardware)
> 2) Normalising (Push initial configs like drac/imm/ilo settings, flashing to
> known good firmware etc etc)
> 3) Analysis (Figure out what the hardware is and what its constituent parts
> are cpu/ram/disk/IO caps/serial numbers etc)
> 4) Burnin (run linpack or equiv tests for 24hrs)
> At the end of stage 4 the hardware should be ready for provisioning.

Oh, thanks for that, I quite like this separation.

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