Hi all,

Following the mail thread on disambiguating the term 'discovery' - 

In the lines of what Devananda had stated, Hardware Introspection also means 
retrieving and storing hardware details of the node whose credentials and IP 
Address are known to the system. (Correct me if I am wrong).

I am currently in the process of extracting hardware details (cpu, memory 
etc..) of n no. of nodes belonging to a Chassis whose credentials are already 
known to ironic. Does this process fall in the category of hardware 


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Hi all,

I was reminded in the Ironic meeting today that the words "hardware discovery" 
are overloaded and used in different ways by different people. Since this is 
something we are going to talk about at the summit (again), I'd like to start 
the discussion by building consensus in the language that we're going to use.

So, I'm starting this thread to explain how I use those two words, and some 
other words that I use to mean something else which is what some people mean 
when they use those words. I'm not saying my words are the right words -- 
they're just the words that make sense to my brain right now. If someone else 
has better words, and those words also make sense (or make more sense) then I'm 
happy to use those instead.

So, here are rough definitions for the terms I've been using for the last six 
months to disambiguate this:

"hardware discovery"
The process or act of identifying hitherto unknown hardware, which is 
addressable by the management system, in order to later make it available for 
provisioning and management.

"hardware introspection"
The process or act of gathering information about the properties or 
capabilities of hardware already known by the management system.

Why is this disambiguation important? At the last midcycle, we agreed that 
"hardware discovery" is out of scope for Ironic -- finding new, unmanaged nodes 
and enrolling them with Ironic is best left to other services or processes, at 
least for the forseeable future.

However, "introspection" is definitely within scope for Ironic. Even though we 
couldn't agree on the details during Juno, we are going to revisit this at the 
Kilo summit. This is an important feature for many of our current users, and 
multiple proof of concept implementations of this have been done by different 
parties over the last year.

It may be entirely possible that no one else in our developer community is 
using the term "introspection" in the way that I've defined it above -- if so, 
that's fine, I can stop calling that "introspection", but I don't know a better 
word for the thing that is find-unknown-hardware.

Suggestions welcome,


For what it's worth, googling for "hardware discovery" yields several results 
related to identifying unknown network-connected devices and adding them to 
inventory systems, which is the way that I'm using the term right now, so I 
don't feel completely off in continuing to say "discovery" when I mean "find 
unknown network devices and add them to Ironic".

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