Thanks Andrew for this (very) exhaustive list.

As you have pointed out, for all the missing features (I think flavors
can also be a part of that list) the community needs to decide where
the info lives primarily (API or compute cells) and how it is
propagated (Synced, sent with the request, asked on demand etc.)

With regards to flavors, I think the attention has shifted to getting
extra_specs to sync with child cells which isn't going to help much
because even instance_type isn't synced yet. And since instance_type
relies of auto generated IDs, syncing would be a major headache (One
cell is down when a new flavor is created or deleted). Storing
extra_specs along with instance_system_metadata is a good alternative
but if we assume API cells to be authoratative about flavors, then we
can simply pass flavor information with the boot request to the child
cell (This would also clean up non-cell nova code which currently
performs multiple DB lookups for flavors based on underlying virt

Any potential solutions for all these should also probably be
evaluated based on their compatibility with existing cell setups.

Maybe we should create a thread for all these missing features to
discuss their solutions individually or start the discussion in the
bug reports itself.


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