> On 23 Oct 2014, at 5:55 am, Andrew Laski <andrew.la...@rackspace.com> wrote:
>> While I agree that N is a bit interesting, I have seen N=3 in production
>> [central API]-->[state/region1]-->[state/region DC1]
>>                                \->[state/region DC2]
>>               -->[state/region2 DC]
>>               -->[state/region3 DC]
>>               -->[state/region4 DC]
> I would be curious to hear any information about how this is working out.  
> Does everything that works for N=2 work when N=3?  Are there fixes that 
> needed to be added to make this work?  Why do it this way rather than bring 
> [state/region DC1] and [state/region DC2] up a level?

We (NeCTAR) have 3 tiers, our current setup has one parent, 6 children then 3 
of the children have 2 grandchildren each. All compute nodes are at the lowest 

Everything works fine and we haven’t needed to do any modifications. 

We run in a 3 tier system because it matches how our infrastructure is 
logically laid out, but I don’t see a problem in just having a 2 tier system 
and getting rid of the middle man.


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