I do not want to hijack this thread with Solaris specific questions,
but this point is a major sticking point for us too.  To my
knowledge, modifying devstack for anything not RHEL/Ubuntu is out of
the question (they're not interested in supporting other OSes).

I think if the question is "does devstack want a review that adds the
bash equivalent of #ifdef SOLARIS over everything and happened to
sort-of work for someone once, with no CI and a guarantee of
instantaneous bit-rot" the answer is predictable.

If the question is more "does devstack want cleaner abstractions
between platform and deployment backed up by CI and active
involvement" I can not see that would be a bad thing.

For mine, integrating with CI would be the *first* step.

Until infrastructure was ready and able to run the devstack-gate
scripts on Solaris/FreeBSD/... nodes and devstack had a non-voting job
I personally would be very negative about merging changes for support.
Frankly I'm not going to be building and maintaining my own
FreeBSD/Solaris systems and hand-testing patches for them, so seeing
something happening in CI is the only way I could be sure any proposed
changes actually work before I spend time reviewing them.

Even if devstack is not the right vehicle, integrating these platforms
to the point that "git review" can run some sort of test -- anything
really -- is going to be much more compelling for someone to +2


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