Richard Jones <> writes:

> Hi all,
> At the summit last week, we developed a plan for moving forward with
> modernising Horizon's UI using AngularJS. If you weren't at that meeting
> and are interested in helping out with this effort please let me know!

I have been working on an interface for Swift written in Angular. You'll
find a ready-to-deploy tarball and zip file here:

This will eventually be an interface for starting ZeroVM instances on a
Swift cluster, but for now it's a pure Swift interface.

I don't know if this is something that can be used in Horizon, but maybe
there are useful bits.

One thing interesting thing in Swift Browser is its testing: I wrote a
"Swift simulator" that is injected into the application for end-to-end
testing with Protractor. Is is basically an in-memory (and in-browser)
Swift that responds to queries made against the Swift REST API. I've
found that very useful in the development:

I don't know the other OpenStack components and their APIs very well,
but I guess that this kind of mocking might be too much for a full
OpenStack dashboard.

Martin Geisler

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