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On Friday, 14 de November de 2014 at 00:46, Salvatore Orlando wrote:

> There are a lot of neutron patches which, for different reasons, have not 
> been updated in a while.
> In order to ensure reviewers focus on active patch, I have set a few patches 
> (about 75) as 'abandoned'.
> No patch with an update in the past month, either patchset or review, has 
> been abandoned. Moreover, only a part of the patches not updated for over a 
> month have been abandoned. I took extra care in identifying which ones could 
> safely be abandoned, and which ones were instead still valuable; 
> nevertheless, if you find out I abandoned a change you're actively working 
> on, please restore it.
> If you are the owner of one of these patches, you can use the 'restore 
> change' button in gerrit to resurrect the change. If you're not the other and 
> wish to resume work on these patches either contact any member of the 
> neutron-core team in IRC or push a new patch.
> Salvatore  
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