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> On 2014-11-18 05:55:55 +0000 (+0000), Kenichi Oomichi wrote:
> > I am not concentrating on Neutron devs, but I also have the same
> > feeling on the other area devs. I also cannot abandon the other
> > developers' patches even if non-activities against some negative
> > feedback.
> This has come up before... if you don't want to see stale patches you
> can use Gerrit queries or custom dashboards to only show you patches
> with recent activity. If all patches older than some specific date get
> abandoned, then that impacts the view of these patches for every
> reviewer. Selectively abandoning patches because they're no longer
> relevant makes sense, but just automatically abandoning them because
> _some_ reviewers don't want to see old changes is a disservice to other
> reviewers who don't have the same personal preference. I'd rather our
> infrastructure empowered reviewers to look at the changes they *want* to
> see, not tell them which changes they're *supposed* to review.

I saw mail targeted towards nova earlier that Sean Dague was going to write an 
auto-abandon script to abandon patches with negative feedback for nova.

Perhaps that script could be reused by other projects that see value in it.

This was also brought up for the tripleo projects before, where I think the 
idea was mainly positively thought of (I am definitely an advocate for it).

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