Nova currently has 197 patches that have seen no activity in the last 4
weeks (project:openstack/nova age:4weeks status:open).

Of these
 * 108 are currently Jenkins -1 (project:openstack/nova age:4weeks
status:open label:Verified<=-1,jenkins)
 * 60 are -2 by a core team member (project:openstack/nova age:4weeks
status:open label:Code-Review<=-2)

(note, those 2 groups sometimes overlap)

Regardless, the fact that Nova currently has 792 open reviews, and 1/4
of them seem dead, seems like a cleanup thing we could do.

I'd like to propose that we implement our own auto abandon mechanism
based on reviews that are either held by a -2, or Jenkins -1 after 4
weeks time. I can write a quick script to abandon with a friendly
message about why we are doing it, and to restore it if work is continuing.


Sean Dague

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