Hello All,

Im working on Zabbix implementation which include HA support.

Zabbix server should be deployed on all controllers in HA mode.

Currently we have dedicated role 'zabbix-server', which does not support more 
than one zabbix-server. Instead of this we will move monitoring solution 
as an additional component.

We will introduce additional role 'zabbix-monitoring', assigned to all servers 
lowest priority in serializer (run puppet after every other roles) when zabbix 
'Zabbix-monitoring' role will be assigned automatically.

When zabbix component is enabled, we will install zabbix-server on all 
in active-backup mode (pacemaker+haproxy).

In next stage, we can allow users to deploy zabbix-server on dedicated node OR
on controllers for performance reasons.
But for now we should force zabbix-server to be deployed on controllers.

BP is in initial phase, but code is ready and working with Fuel 5.1. 
Now im checking if it works with master.

Any comments are welcome!

BP link: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/fuel/+spec/zabbix-ha

Best Regards,
Bartosz Kupidura
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