> On 02 Dec 2014, at 23:53, W Chan <m4d.co...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On processing the events, I was thinking a separate entity.  But you gave me 
> an idea, how about a system action for publishing the events that the current 
> executors can run?

Yes, sounds great! I really like the idea.

> Alternately, instead of making HTTP calls, what do you think if mistral just 
> post the events to the exchange(s) that the subscribers provided and let the 
> subscribers decide how to consume the events (i.e post to webhook, etc.) from 
> these exchanges?  This will simplify implementation somewhat.  The engine can 
> just take care of publishing the events to the exchanges and call it done.

Yep. I understand the general idea but am still a little confused. Can you 
please share the details of what you mean by “exchange” and who is going to 
consume events? If, like previously said, it will be just sending actions to 
executors then it’s ok, I got it. And you can just use executor client from 
rpc.py to do the job. Or here you mean something different? Would be nice it we 
could present a communication diagram (engine -> event occurred -> … ).

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