The use case we were thinking about is a Network Function (e.g. IMS Nodes) implementation in which the high availability is based on OpenSAF. In this scenario there is an Active/Standby cluster of 2 System Controllers (SC) plus several Payloads (PL) that boot from network, controlled by the SC. The logic of which service to deploy on each payload is inside the SC.

In OpenStack both SCs and PLs will be instances running in the cloud, anyway the PLs should still boot from network under the control of the SC. In fact to use Glance to store the image for the PLs and keep the control of the PLs in the SC, the SC should trigger the boot of the PLs with requests to Nova/Glance, but an application running inside an instance should not directly interact with a cloud infrastructure service like Glance or Nova.

We know that it is yet possible to achieve network booting in OpenStack using an image stored in Glance that acts like a pxe client, anyway this workaround has some drawbacks, mainly due to the fact it won't be possible to choose the specific virtual NIC on which the network boot will happen, causing DHCP requests to flow on networks where they don't belong to and possible delays in the boot of the instances.

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Hi all,
my team and I are working on pxe boot feature very similar to the
"Discless VM" one  in Active blueprint list[1]
The blueprint [2] is no longer active and we created a new spec [3][4].

Nova core reviewers commented our spec and the first and the most
important objection is that there is not a compelling reason to
provide this kind of feature : booting from network.

Aside from the specific implementation, I think that some members of
TelcoWorkingGroup could be interested in  and provide a use case.
I would also like to add this item to the agenda of next meeting

Any thought?
We did discuss this today, and granted it is listed as a blueprint someone in 
the group had expressed interest in at a point in time - though I don't believe 
any further work was done. The general feeling was that there isn't anything 
really NFV or Telco specific about this over and above the more generic use 
case of legacy applications. Are you able to further elaborate on the reason 
it's NFV or Telco specific other than because of who is requesting it in this 



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