Well, one of the main reason to choose an open source product is to avoid vendor lock-in. I think it is not advisableto embed in the software running in an instance a call to OpenStack specific services.

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    The use case we were thinking about is a Network Function (e.g.
    IMS Nodes) implementation in which the high availability is based
    on OpenSAF. In this scenario there is an Active/Standby cluster of
    2 System Controllers (SC) plus several Payloads (PL) that boot
    from network, controlled by the SC. The logic of which service to
    deploy on each payload is inside the SC.

    In OpenStack both SCs and PLs will be instances running in the
    cloud, anyway the PLs should still boot from network under the
    control of the SC. In fact to use Glance to store the image for
    the PLs and keep the control of the PLs in the SC, the SC should
    trigger the boot of the PLs with requests to Nova/Glance, but an
    application running inside an instance should not directly
    interact with a cloud infrastructure service like Glance or Nova.

Why not? This is a fairly common practice.

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