Hi oslo folks (and others),

I've recently put up a review for some common deprecation patterns:


In summary, this is a common set of patterns that can be used by oslo libraries, other libraries... This is different from the versionutils one (which is more of a developer<->operator deprecation interaction) and is more focused on the developer <-> developer deprecation interaction (developers say using oslo libraries).

Doug had the question about why not just put this out there on pypi with a useful name not so strongly connected to oslo; since that review is more of a common set of patterns that can be used by libraries outside openstack/oslo as well. There wasn't many/any similar libraries that I found (zope.deprecation is probably the closest) and twisted has something in-built to it that is something similar. So in order to avoid creating our own version of zope.deprecation in that review we might as well create a neat name that can be useful for oslo/openstack/elsewhere...

Some ideas that were thrown around on IRC (check 'https://pypi.python.org/pypi/%s' % name for 404 to see if likely not registered):

* debtcollector
* bagman
* deprecate
* deprecation
* baggage

Any other neat names people can think about?

Or in general any other comments/ideas about providing such a deprecation pattern library?


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