Sean Dague wrote:
On 12/10/2014 04:00 PM, Doug Hellmann wrote:
On Dec 10, 2014, at 3:26 PM, Joshua Harlow<>  wrote:

Hi oslo folks (and others),

I've recently put up a review for some common deprecation patterns:

In summary, this is a common set of patterns that can be used by oslo libraries, other 
libraries... This is different from the versionutils one (which is more of a 
developer<->operator deprecation interaction) and is more focused on the 
developer<->  developer deprecation interaction (developers say using oslo libraries).

Doug had the question about why not just put this out there on pypi with a 
useful name not so strongly connected to oslo; since that review is more of a 
common set of patterns that can be used by libraries outside openstack/oslo as 
well. There wasn't many/any similar libraries that I found (zope.deprecation is 
probably the closest) and twisted has something in-built to it that is 
something similar. So in order to avoid creating our own version of 
zope.deprecation in that review we might as well create a neat name that can be 
useful for oslo/openstack/elsewhere...

Some ideas that were thrown around on IRC (check 
'' % name for 404 to see if likely not 

* debtcollector

I suspect we’ll want a minimal spec for the new lib, but let’s wait and hear 
what some of the other cores think.

Not a core, but as someone that will be using it, that seems reasonable.

The biggest issue with the deprecation patterns in projects is
aggressive cleaning tended to clean out all the deprecations at the
beginning of a cycle... and then all the deprecation assist code, as it
was unused.... sad panda.

Having it in a common lib as a bunch of decorators would be great.
Especially if we can work out things like *not* spamming deprecation
load warnings on every worker start.

We should be able to adjust the deprecation warnings here.

Although I'd almost want these kinds of warnings to not occur/appear at worker start since at that point the operator can't do anything about them... An idea was to have the jenkins/gerrit/zuul logs have these depreciation warnings turned on (perhaps in a blinky red/green color) to have them appear at development time (since these would be targeted to features depreciated that are only really relevant to developers, not operators). Once released then they can just stay off (which I believe is the python default[1] to turn these off unless '-Wonce or -Wall' is passed to the worker/runtime on python startup)... (DeprecationWarning and its descendants are ignored by default since python 2.7+)




* bagman
* deprecate
* deprecation
* baggage

Any other neat names people can think about?

Or in general any other comments/ideas about providing such a deprecation 
pattern library?


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