> [joehuang] Could you pls. make it more clear for the deployment mode
> of cells when used for globally distributed DCs with single API. Do
> you mean cinder/neutron/glance/ceilometer will be shared by all
> cells, and use RPC for inter-dc communication, and only support one
> vendor's OpenStack distribution? How to do the cross data center
> integration and troubleshooting with RPC if the
> driver/agent/backend(storage/network/sever) from different vendor.

Correct, cells only applies to single-vendor distributed deployments. In
both its current and future forms, it uses private APIs for
communication between the components, and thus isn't suited for a
multi-vendor environment.

Just MHO, but building functionality into existing or new components to
allow deployments from multiple vendors to appear as a single API
endpoint isn't something I have much interest in.


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