> Ok, I'm quite happy to accept this may be a better long-term solution, but
> can anyone comment on the current maturity level of Mistral?  Questions
> which spring to mind are:
> - Is the DSL stable now?

You can think “yes” because although we keep adding new features we do it in a 
backwards compatible manner. I personally try to be very cautious about this.

> - What's the roadmap re incubation (there are a lot of TBD's here:
>    https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Mistral/Incubation)

Ooh yeah, this page is very very obsolete which is actually my fault because I 
didn’t pay a lot of attention to this after I heard all these rumors about TC 
changing the whole approach around getting projects incubated/integrated.

I think incubation readiness from a technical perspective is good (various 
style checks, procedures etc.), even if there’s still something that we need to 
adjust it must not be difficult and time consuming. The main question for the 
last half a year has been “What OpenStack program best fits Mistral?”. So far 
we’ve had two candidates: Orchestration and some new program (e.g. Workflow 
Service). However, nothing is decided yet on that.

> - How does deferred authentication work for alarm triggered workflows, e.g
>  if a ceilometer alarm (which authenticates as a stack domain user) needs
>  to signal Mistral to start a workflow?

It works via Keystone trusts. It works but there’s still an issue that we are 
to fix. If we authenticate by a previously created trust and try to call Nova 
then it fails with an authentication error. I know it’s been solved in other 
projects (e.g. Heat) so we need to look at it.

> I guess a first step is creating a contrib Mistral resource and
> investigating it, but it would be great if anyone has first-hand
> experiences they can share before we burn too much time digging into it.

Yes, we already started discussing how we can create Mistral resource for Heat. 
Looks like there’s a couple of volunteers who can do that. Anyway, I’m totally 
for it and any help from our side can be provided (including implementation 

Renat Akhmerov
@ Mirantis Inc.

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