Hi Kyle/all,

(we were going to walk thru that on Mon, but since US is on vacation today, sending it via email to openstack-dev@.)

So I've talked to Doug Hellmann from oslo, and here is what we have in our oslo queue to consider:

1. minor oslo.concurrency cleanup for *aas repos (we need to drop lockutils-wrapper usage now that base test class sets lockutils fixture); 2. migration to namespace-less oslo libraries (this is blocked by pending oslo.messaging release scheduled this week, will revive patches for all four branches the end of the week) [1];
3. oslo/kilo-2: graduation of oslo.policy;
4. oslo/kilo-3: graduation of oslo.cache, oslo.versionedobjects.

I believe 1. and 2. should be handled in Kilo-2 neutron side. The 2. part will introduce some potential friction in gate due to merge conflicts and new hacking rule applied, so we may want to synchronize it with other refactoring activities.

For 3., I'm not sure we want to go with such a change this cycle. On the other side, while that is potentially unsafe, it may free us from later patching our local policy module copy due to security issues that could be revealed later in the incubator module. Taking into account that we claim support for 15 months for all stable branches, and who knows where it will lead later, earlier reducing our area of responsibility can be a good thing.

For 4., this will definitely need to wait for L. The oslo.cache migration can easily go with in L-1 (the module is used in single place only - metadata agent); as for oslo.versionedobjects, this will need to follow a proper spec process (we had someone willing to post a spec for that, but I don't remember his/her name).

Does the plan sound ok?

[1]: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/If0dce29a0980206ace9866112be529436194d47e,n,z


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