On 01/27/2015 08:14 AM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 07:12:29AM -0800, Sean Dague wrote:
>> On 01/27/2015 12:18 AM, Silvan Kaiser wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> Do dependencies required only in some contexts belong into requirements.txt?
>>> Yesterday we had a short discussion on #openstack-nova regarding how to
>>> handle optional requirements. This was triggered by our quobyte nova
>>> driver (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/110722/18), who requires xattr,
>>> which we therefore added to requirements.txt (as it is provided by the
>>> requirements project).
>>> Points from the discussion:
>>> - If we add this we will be adding every requirement for every component
>>> ---> this becomes to big.
>>> - Remove this requirement, no optional entries in requirements.txt, a
>>> 'deployer' has to know what dependencies the components he wants to use have
>>> ---> Usually he does not know and installation becomes more issue prone
>>> - Other (in between) ideas???
>>> Please note that this has some urgency, the change set referenced above
>>> has been in review for months and i'm trying to react asap on comments
>>> but the deadline is approaching (next week) and if i have to do bigger
>>> changes I'd like to know as fast as possible...
>> Typically the answer is no. The libvirt volume driver architecture is
>> kind of weird in the fact that it doesn't actually split it's drivers
>> out into separate files, so there can be a file level boundry (including
>> loading) for these things.
> Not immediately relevant, but in the Lxxxx cycle, I'm hoping to finally
> split the volume.py up into a subdirectory of files. The nova.conf
> 'volume_drivers' config will be removed by thenm, avoiding the back
> compat class naming problem we'd have if we split it in Kilo

Woot! awesome.


Sean Dague

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