Is SSL involved anywhere from the client browser to the server ?
Is there any load balancing ? Which load balancer software ?

David Moreau Simard

On 2015-01-28, 11:57 PM, "Chris Friesen" <>

>On 01/28/2015 10:33 PM, Mathieu Gagné wrote:
>> On 2015-01-28 11:13 PM, Chris Friesen wrote:
>>> Anyone have any suggestions on where to start digging?
>> We have a similar issue which has yet to be properly diagnosed on our
>> One workaround which looks to be working for us is enabling the
>>"private mode"
>> in the browser. If it doesn't work, try deleting your cookies.
>> Can you see if those workarounds work for you?
>Neither of those seems to work for me.  I still get a multi-second delay
>then the red bar with "Connect timeout".
>I suspect it's something related to websockify, but I can't figure out
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